Why do you need a guy that you can talk with?

Sometimes is good to hear the other side opinion... Lets talk...

Among the sweet guys you can love (and to tolerate their flaws) give priority to the one you can talk to. The one that you can really talk, open, meaningful, absolutely about everything. Verbal communication, expressing and exchanging thoughts and feelings are indeed the most important in relationship.

Warmness is important – but when he kiss your hair, calls you his darling in front of others, cries you and acts as a protector, doesn’t necessarily go with dedication, loyalty, understanding and tolerance. It’s sweet, feels good and you will feel like a little cat. You will always want more. But if it’s all the communication you have with someone, if you fail to agree on some important things, if you don’t reach one another to the depth of the soul… If everything is about the heart and sex, true understanding will begin to miss. You will feel that your relationship is missing something vital and essential even though is already warm and comfortable.

You need the one you can talk to and get real understanding. Who wants to talk about everything, who doesn’t retreat and doesn’t pretend that problems doesn’t exist, but is confronting them  immediately, whom it’s not difficult to discuss something with you until you begin to understand each one better, until you reach an agreement, find a compromise, consider things from all sides. These are conversations in which both of you have insights – suddenly something becomes clear and that feeling deepens your relationship.

You need the one with whom you can talk more openly than with anyone else. Who never condemns you and always try to understand you. With whom the fight, the tension, the anger and the conflict settle and end by going through that by not interrupting the dialogue, until the negative feelings disappear, until full observation of the problem takes place and finding ways to get it over.

The one who talks, feels like your partner, agrees to that role with the whole heart and it doesn’t bother him. He’s with you and you can count on him. When all is well, that he is behind you is even better. He rejoices in your succeeds, supports you in all things, is proud of you, he knows how to surprise you and knows many ways to say or show how much he likes you. It makes him happy to make you happy.

When everything goes downhill, when it’s really hard, that he is behind you make things look brighter. You feel safe beside him, protected, he can provide you a good advice as he knows you and looks at things from a wider perspective, he knows how to back you up, holds and carries if you need it, until you jump at your feet again and it’s not hard for him at all.

He encourages you, believes in you and inspires you. Just like you do for him. You know a lot about one another and that’s one of your favorite talk topics . You are never tired of talking about how happy and grateful you are for having one another. How much you love and how precious you are.

Sometimes is good to hear the other side opinion… Lets talk…

You know what is precious because you know the other side. You were in incomplete relationships that you can’t call bad ones, but they didn’t seem you that way, there was always something missing. And when you talk about that, you always state that you lacked that openness, trust, that deep connection, that solution… Go out to face with everything, to pass through all of problems together.

Be with the one you always re-select, who chooses you and who rises and puts all his bets on you and your love.

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