Why does a man retreat when you want him the most?

For men, sometimes is easier to retreat...

Here’s the situation you’ve probably found yourself in and you were confused. It’s not the same as when you retreat – when you lose interest after a few meetings, you can say exactly why you don’t like this man enough and why you don’t want to take a chance for a possible relationship. You have found that he is below your level, boring, doesn’t attract you physically, you don’t like his temperament and he is too reticent…

But with guys it sometimes goes a little bit different – after a few great meetings, hot flirting that apparently worked, he suddenly retreats and stops responding. This is confusing for a girl, but also for a man, because he can’t say why that has happened.

This is not because the reason doesn’t exist, but because it is covert, subtle and difficult to define. You can guess, there is the part that will explain to you that it’s really up to you. That the guy responds to your vibration, that you’ve been repelled him. But if it’s really so, let’s consider how is this happening.

At the beginning, your energy is fine and light, your presence is overwhelming and he likes it all (as well as you). You’re both excited; you’re just waiting for situation to develop. However, men can barely wait to get to the bed and he doesn’t think beyond that, and you look far ahead and barely await – everything. And you can’t resist imagination. In your head, the film is rolling at an incredible speed (commonly for us women) and you are already figuring out the names for your child while he imagines how he touch your chests and determines what part of the seen belongs to the bra and how much of it really belongs to you.

What happens at vibration level?

His vibrations remain the same and mostly are about sex, he still resides in the moment that everything is happening. Your vibrations are on several levels higher frequency (and it doesn’t sound good in his ears), you went too far – in every way. You’re not focused on the present, you miss the present moment and you are losing that connection you felt with him. It’s not that you don’t want him as much as he wants you . You are electrified and desirous, but the moment when your body will connect with his for the first time is something less

exciting from anything that can follow after that. Love, romance, statements of love, common life, weeding day … That’s why your heart beats fast while his accelerates mainly due to erection.

You want to turn your dreams into reality and you’re dreaming in your head, instead of looking at him . To introduce him and understand who he is and what kind of person is he. You’re not really interested about him, like a person, as much you’re interested into a possibility that your life could change in the way you desire.

You look at him as an object, not as a person, and he clearly feels it. He probably wouldn’t know how to say or explain it to you. Men doesn’t feel good behind you, not because he don’t like you, either because your vibration has changed. His instinct is telling him that something bad is going on, that he is in danger and should run away. Men can’t describe what happened exactly and why the girl that attracted him, which were so happy and relaxed become intense and over sensitive, which is spreading some weird atmosphere full of expectations. He is feeling a little guilty about that.

He registers all those things on half-conscious level, but this is enough to include his defense mechanisms. After that, he retreats. Maybe he won’t tell you anything, maybe you’ll arrange the next meeting, but he will cancel it at the last moment, figuring out some excuses, or simply fail to respond after he promised that he will contact you. He might “seen” your messages and won’t respond. Defensive is underway. As much he retreats, you become more and more emotional, angry and insulted – how does he behave? What does that look like? Why?

The simple answer is – you’re making emotional pressure on him. Instead of being relaxed and enjoying, you’re trying to “secure” him, and you’re angry because you’re losing him. It’s up to you.

For man, sometimes is easier to retreat…

If something is not going well, there is possibility that man can give up from something… Well, perhaps someone else at his place wouldn’t be so scared. Maybe somebody else wouldn’t be so interesting for you. So it’s mostly about a bad relationship between you two.

But it’s important for you to recognize this tendency and not to allow it to remain half-dead. That way you will have a lot healthier relations with the male world.

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