In the family is the core of everything

The family can be called the solid core of love

A happy family are people under the same roof that lives in a true, deep, sincere and firmly love atmosphere. A solid core is the base upon which man begins to build himself. It is realized by a series of life factors that shape what is called a family atmosphere.

Don Bosco knew this well, so his preventive system, or his pedagogy, is all pervaded by the relatives features. Here are those features:

To be here – First of all, this means being present, wanting to involve, want to participate, invest your time, strength, will, attention, sacrifice, yourself in one word. Everyone in the family is important. Since it is a system, every member of it is immensely important to the functioning of the near relatives. So the phrase “I don’t care” in a relatives doesn’t exist.

Work together – When you work together it unites all family members, as in the process itself and in its outcome. Working together strengthens co-responsibility, develops ingenuity, and puts hearts together.

Communicate – People under the same roof should talk to each other. It is especially important that parents talk with their children, not to bother them with repeating the same.

To respect each family member – The feeling of self-esteem comes from the experience of free acceptance by the closest. To make children feel respected in their inviolability, it is necessary to tell and testify that to them. Then they return with respect.

Transferring – Values, attitudes, judgments and beliefs are transferred in the family between members. You grow together in it. Parents are always ideals to their children, treated them well or badly. Human beings don’t learn because something is said to them. That’s why children learn what they see from their parents, what they feel and what they experience.

Helping – The family is the place where assistance is always necessary. It’s the backbone. In a regular family we find support, understanding, suggestion, trust, and life support in difficult moments.

Experimenting – The family is a place for life experiments. What is on the test? New ideas, methods, new fashion styles, music and more… Near relatives members are mirrors to each other in which they recognize the true state of things.

Solving problems – Every family, just every one, has problems. The difference between the happy and the unhappy is that happy families solve problems, and the unhappy are just looking for the offender. All near relatives members can contribute in finding answers to the question: “How do we get out of this problem?”

To love each other – Love is giving and receiving in the family. It’s always two-way

To have a soul – Family love as well as every other can survive everyday struggles, if deeply believe in God. Therefore, praying, forgiveness, understanding, and re-starting can be possible if one lives of God’s grace.


Forgiving – Arguing is an integral part of life experience. But once it passes, one has to forget it and start from the beginning.

Celebration – Healthy and happy families “celebrate” their happiness using many opportunities and anniversaries, as well as everyday events.

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