Family is love, everything else is something else…

You are married and have a child, don't bother with other things

I hear often in the last few months something like “Why are you so nervous about the society, about people around You? Today society is not stable. You shouldn’t care so much about that. You’re married and have a child. You have the precious, your family “.

I’m worried because this initiative brings the family down to reproduction, to a man and a woman who can have a baby. I’m worried because the same people said that marriage has nothing to do with love. Because that people was trying to learn teenagers in schools that sex only happens in marriage and how it should only serve to make children.

Because of the same people recently tried to prevent tens of thousands of infertile couples from having children. The same people are trying to literally destroy the same-sex families. I’m nervous because these people say that children in one-parent families are victims of an unnatural environment. Who’s next target? A families with disabled members? A families without kids? Singles? A  Families in which mom is working and dad is going to maternity leave? An Atheist and agnostic families? When I listen to their rigid and discriminating attitudes, I wonder only when my family will become a target!

My four-year-old daughter says we are weird family. And she’s right. Many of our families are weird. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors. But we all share some things: we love, we laugh, and we cook tea and chicken soup when any of us is sick. A family is not and shouldn’t be limited to one form – heterosexual marriage with children. This understanding is restrictive, excluding and establishes discrimination. Discrimination is forbidden by the highest state of law. That would send direct messages to children of single parents or children who don’t have parents that their families are less valuable.


The highest legal act hasn’t asked so far who we are sleeping with, with whom we share living space, how many kids do we have and who sits at the table on a Sunday lunch. Let’s not allow others to look at who we sit on the table or go to bed.

Everyone we love is our family.

Family is love, everything else is something else and that’s why I become nervous when I hear their ideas.

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