An entertaining side of pregnancy – expand knowledge

Here are some entertaining evidences of why pregnancy is something different

An entertaining side of pregnancy – because we haven’t really known so far about that

We have heard a lot of times about all the facts related to pregnancy – from health, unusual facts, shocking facts and the funny side of pregnancy. But even science hasn’t yet fully explored all the facts that are related to that other state. You can make sure that this is really different state by watching at all those investigated facts and we believe tons of still unexplored facts. So – pregnancy is the state in which everything changes, and what changes, how does it change, and what each particular thing in pregnancy really means – that is, we admit, quite funny to study.

That is why we bring you with the facts already presented, even new ones for which we acknowledge – we haven’t really heard so far.

And you? Did you hear about this?
  1. Almost every woman is experiencing changes in her skin during pregnancy.
  2. Amniotic fluid is very nutritious in its composition and is actually the most similar to sterile urine.
  3. The baby first poop into the uterus in the 21st week of pregnancy and since then regularly poops.
  4. Babies also pee in the uterus, so drink and eat, and pee again. That’s a normal fact.
  5. The uterus grows during pregnancy of the size of walnuts to the size of watermelon.
    (This we had to check further and that’s true – women who haven’t bear yet had an uterus almost twice the size of the adult’s thumb – so the size of walnuts).
  6. 99.995 percent of babies are born without teeth – one in every 2,000 babies is born with one or more teeth.
  7. Milk production is supposed to start as soon as Mom has heard baby crying for the first time, even if it was others baby.
  8. Babies cry even before birth – in the uterus.
  9. Of extra water in second state women’s foot often grows for an entire number.
  10. The most of twins are born in Central Africa – more than anywhere else in the world.
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