Making love in the water or not? Pool, sea, bath…

Generally speaking, making love in the water is not very smart, especially if it's in the pool

You may consider making love in the pool as a fun idea, but we’re pretty sure you’ll skip this after this text

Generally speaking, making love in the water is not very smart, especially if it’s in the pool.

There is something indescribably sensual when we feel water on the skin. If you swim with someone in the pool, especially if you don’t have a piece of clothing on yourself, and maybe you have drink a few cocktails to help relax, you’re not thinking longer about negative sides of this idea. It is easily possible that water increase your desire to get off your swimsuit and indicate sex with your partner. But is it safe to make love in the water? Or do you have to restrain impulses and wait for an opportunity outside the water?

Sex in the pool is not as easy as it looks. There are three problems. Pool water, and water in general, drain every lubrication. Even though surrounded by water, you are completely dry inside, leading to another problem, chemical irritation. Aside that sex is then becoming painful and causing redness and swelling, you should also think that although the pool has perhaps less bacteria due to chlorinated water and all chemicals, the remaining bacteria are not good for female intimate parts of the body. Remember diving in the pool and your red eyes. You don’t want that for your vagina anyway.

Who knows what kinds of harmful bacteria are inside the pool

The third and worst problem is infection. What if the pool is not properly maintained? Who knows what kinds of harmful bacteria (or fecal matter) swim in it with you? Sex will bring you bacteria where you really don’t need them. This can lead to painful inflammation of the urinary tract and disturb the natural pH of the vaginal balance, thus increasing the risk of fungal infection which is not sexy at all. Sex in the water will not prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy.


Sperm and other body fluids go from one partner to another partner so pregnancy and infection is possible. How to use a condom in the water? Lack of lubrication, if you use a condom, makes it likely that your condom will pierce or slip without you even notice it. Don’t mix water and sex, and the best advice of a doctor is to use pool time for swimming and prolusion, and for other things, go out of water.

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