For Us who love too much, we never lose fight

Earth is a nice place to live surrounded with happiness

We are those whose hearts are wandering. Our knocking organs travel through corridors and oceans, searching for something they can hold, something they can love.

We always need to help those who need us. Even if it means we sometimes have to give up of something we have. Even when it means we could finish with muddy hands and damaged knees.

We are those whose minds never stop thinking. They say that too much thinking is not healthy, but we are even worse than that, we obsessively analyze. We believe in a metaphor. Empty room is not just an empty room.

For us it is a manifestation of the empty soul, something without people would be lonely. The tear for us is not just a drop of saline fluid. Tears are a symbol of pain that neither ice cream nor poetry can express, something so powerful that even human will can’t stop.

We are the ones whose hands have the most powerful muscles because we always keep as tight as possible.

We are those who stay after everyone has gone.

We are those who fight when the war is over.

We are those who allow love to come back even after it left us.

We are those who give the parts of their selves to replace those who love has lost.

We are those who can be lost in others.

We are the ones that loose everything, because we give all to people for who we care.

It hurts, isn’t it?

Even though you have given everything you have to someone, it’s still not enough for him.

Love - Earth
Love – Earth

It’s probably a curse of us that love too much;
It’s difficult to find someone who will love you equally as you love him.

At the end, sharing love is a beautiful thing, and with that process You are helping Earth to became better place to live.

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