Signs that your body desperately needs more water

Every being on Earth need water to survive

Do you think that dehydration affects only people in the poorer parts of the world? It’s not. Dehydration is much more frequent than people think. Water is important thing in everyone life.

75 percent of people are dehydrated even when they don’t know it. 60 percent of the body is consisted of water. 75 percent of water is in the muscles. Up to 85 percent of the brain is water. If you don’t feel good, dehydration can be the cause. Look at these signs of dehydration.



You are tired at home and at work. You’re tired even when you sleep longer than usual. Even small dehydration can cause lack of energy, tiredness and drowsiness. It’s very important to drink a plenty of fluids. That way you can prevent dehydration and fall of energy. Skip the carbonated juices and fruit juices from stores and replace them with water.



You feel upset and you have a smelly breath. Water is a natural cleaner of the organism, so it’s important to drink it during the day. In order to establish a balance in the digestion, a gradual hydration is required, i.e. drinking water every 60 minutes. Dehydration can cause problems in the bowels and constipation.



Headache is a very common sign of dehydration. Pain usually occurs on the front of the head, which can be turned into migraines due to ignoring the pain. In order to prevent these headaches, it is most important to drink enough fluid, both in summer and winter months.



  • Drink two glasses of it as soon as you get up.
  • Buy a bottle in which you will spill it every day.

  • Consume food based on it: cucumbers, watermelons and grapes are good solution.

  • Download an app to track how much of it you drink.
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