5 signs that show lack of vitamins and are literally visible on face

Your body always find the way to notice You about Your health

The problem of vitamin deficiency is particularly important at the beginning of spring. Without vitamins, we feel weaker, apathetic and become easy targets for various viruses.

We were very surprised when we found out that our face is giving signs of vitamin deficiency. Take a mirror and observe your face while reading this article.


Very pale skin

There are not a lot of people who can boast with a good hue of the skin at the end of winter. But if your skin has become fairly pale in comparison to its normal appearance, it is a sign that you lack vitamin B12. Without it, we feel nervous, tired, and generally dissatisfied. To restore the proper level of this vitamin, you must eat more meat and seafood.


Dry hair

Dry, fragile hair covered with a large amount of dandruff may be a sign that you lack the biotin, known as vitamin B7. This is often the consequence of using antibiotics. In order to increase the level of vitamin B7, you must eat meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, mushrooms and legumes, as often as possible. And forget about rigorous diets for a while.


Bloated eyes

If you have noticed that you have bloated eyes, arms or legs, your body may lack iodine. The most common source of this is iodized salt. Iodine is also contained in seafood (lobster, shrimp, algae), dairy products and even in bread.


Colorless – pale lips

Pale lips can be a sign of a person’s lack of iron. Low arterial pressure and regular colds may be signs of iron deficiency. For recovery and health, all you need is to eat more red meat and avoid eating foods with high level of calcium for a while.


Bleeding gums

Bleeding the gums may indicate a lack of vitamin C. Its reduced amount in organism leads to poor immunity, muscle pain, and tooth problems. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits and red pepper.

It is important to bear in mind that these are all the indirect symptoms of vitamin deficiencies. If you have noticed one of those symptoms, visit your doctor to get a more accurate diagnosis.


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