Smile in the face to unimportant people

Smile in the face to people who doesn't appreciate you

In past few articles I advised readers to be careful with relations to other people.
I hope that all of You have learned something in Your lives until now.
I hope that You can recognize people who don’t deserve You, so You can easily smile them in to the face,
and told them in one moment, that they have evil intentions and that this is not good for any kind of relationship.

You can’t believe to all humans around You.

My story…

I took her hand, kissed her in the palm, and began to talk. Don’t be afraid, beautiful. People have one terrible habit, which is to gossip others, even if they don’t know them. They gossip everywhere, not realizing that God’s punishment will hunt them, for the sake of their behavior. You must never allow their words to hurt you, because that would mean they succeeded in humiliating and defeating you – and that is impossible. Have you ever seen a lioness escape from an ordinary cat? That the gorgeous hawk is afraid of dirty scavengers?

That a woman with a pure character is embarrassed by two – faced people? They overpower them in few seconds. So, let them, let them talk. It’s clear to everyone who is on top and who is slithering around. Who has dignity, and who is shameless. Who has no price, and who is selling their selves for the bargain. It’s crystal clear to everyone that they will never be able to be on the top with you. They can try as much as they want, but there is no chance for them. Because of that, you are a thorn in their eyes. For this reason, they hate you.


I’m not sure if I helped her, but relief could be seen on her face. Relief that comes after you conclude how some people are irrelevant to you. At the end, she smiled to me, but on the other way.

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