Read this if you are afraid of the future

Don't be afraid of changes in Your life

If you keep thinking about the future, you feel bad. You are constantly asking yourself bad questions that are unlikely to happen. Don’t be afraid of changes in Your life.

You become a pessimistic and negative person; you imagine the worst scenario, even if that is not the most likely scenario. If you are constantly thinking of the future, you are creating problems that don’t really exist. You wonder what will you do if that happens and how will you deal with a situation – and probably none of that will happen. It’s good to be prepared but it’s unhealthy to be obsessed. It’s really unhealthy to focus on something bad because your body experiences every thought. It’s totally bad for health.

If you always think about the future, you forget to enjoy the present. You don’t notice the beauty in your friends, in your family, in nature around you. Your mind slips into good times of your life. You live in your thoughts instead of living in the real world.

If you’re always thinking about the future, you’re experiencing stress. You never enjoy the food you eat or ride in cars, because you always wait for the next thing to happen. You wonder where your actions will take you instead of living in the moment.

When you think about the future, you only see a big picture instead of paying attention to small things, small steps that will bring you success. You pay too much attention to events that are not important and ignore the things that matter.

If you are constantly thinking about the future, you are destroying your presence. You assure yourself that you will be better in few years and hope that you will be happy then. And in fact, all you do is imagining your future promising, and the present useless.

I think it’s time to stop your endless worries about the future.

Because the future has not come yet, and when it comes you might be very bad because you ignore yourself at the present.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should stop thinking about tomorrow. Do what you like to do, to prepare yourself for a good future. Think positively, trust yourself, trust your positive thoughts and goals, and you will release your fears for the future.


Stop waking up sweaty and scared for tomorrow. Don’t getting bored with unnecessary thoughts. Stop waiting for tomorrow because you deserve happiness today. Try not to be afraid of changes in life! Changes are the good thing.

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