Advice – When you lose an asshole, thank him!

Be thankful if You realize that he don't deserve You

I wrote my advice to her on paper.

Now, I wan’t to share it with You.

I wanted to comfort her, talk and give a different thought

That’s why I told her the following:

My dear, why are you doing this? Why did you persistently grieve over those who didn’t know to appreciate you? You didn’t lose them. It’s contrary. They were left without you, so they swapped the whole sky for only one cloud.

They left glorious gold for the dirty mud. They’ve lost the princess to get a witch. If he didn’t regret it, why would you? You’re just old enough to see who pulled a thicker in that story with an ungrateful ending.

The biggest losers are people who are not even aware of what they have lost. At least they are not aware of that yet. Later it is Everything fixed and returned to its place.
Afterwards, dice are rolled out and people get an earned sentence or a deserved prize. You will be rewarded for honesty and benevolence. They will be punished for unfaithfulness and arrogance.

I’m sure that you don’t think so now. But trust me… Sooner or later, suddenly from nowhere, justice will flow to the surface. At that moment, the difference between you and them will be obvious.

The unique you and them – fishes in the sea.

When the conversation between me and her ends, she doesn’t say anything. She doesn’t answer me anything. She kindly hug me with her hands around me. We together listened the silence to the long in the night.

Remember, my advice… You always deserve better, and beside all the things, better always exist somewhere and it is waiting for You. What I just wrote in this sentence before, this is something what we are calling the destiny.


Do You believe in destiny? Please leave Your opinion in comments below and share it with us.

We are always open for discussion with people. We love to learn from others.
Let us all to learn together from someone good or bad experience.

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