Men’s habits after having sex – results of our survey

Interesting facts about guys and sex

We will tell you what you were always interested in:
Here’s what guys really want after sex!

In further reading We will present You an results of our survey. While  you would  like to relax in his embrace after making love with him, there is a question in your head. Would he rather turn on a sports channel on which Barcelona plays champions league? Or maybe he wants to play soccer mach on PlayStation with You… Or he just turn around and proceed to sleep phase…

Relax! One survey showed that in fact, women and men like the same thing – both of them like to cuddle.

With our partner portals We have finished one interesting experiment where We were collecting some information through survey.

Here are the results of that survey:

Guys told us what they like to do after their passionate action:
  • 51 percent of them admitted that after sex, they like cuddling.
  • 27 percent of them confirmed that they like to fall a sleep after having sex.
  • 12 percent of men will take the remote control into their hands after making love.
  • 10 percent will head off to the kitchen to peek in the fridge and eat something.

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Relationships are still one of topic which ones are still not explored enough.
I know it is a field of psychology and human society but beside that, We always love more an examples from real lives. We know that every relationship just like every human being on the our lovely planet Earth is special and unique. And so themes habits are unique too.


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