Love advice, believe in them or not to believe them?

If you listen to them you will be single: Love advices that you don’t have to believe in

Sooner or later  you will meet the real one

No, don’t let your love life turn into searching for the right one. There is not only one single person who is perfect for you. There are hundreds, thousands, if not millions of  persons who would be perfectly compatible partners for you.

If you love each other, nothing else matters

It is beautiful to go through life in a romantic spirit, but even when love is strongest, you can’t live of its advantages. The sad fact is that you may be crushed on someone who is a totally wrong choice for you for a million reasons. If someone doesn’t respect you and disparage you, love is insufficient.

You don’t have to search for love, love finds you

Hanging out with the same people on the same place will hardly bring you a potential partner. We don’t say that it is not possible. But it is certainly less likely than when you regularly spread the circle of your friends and acquaintances.

Reduce your expectations

It is quite normal that you want a partner who will meet certain criteria that are of great importance to you. It is also not normal to depart from your wishes just to be with someone. After all, we all have quite realistic wishes. We don’t  really hope for a divinely-built millionaire who has  humanitarian work and by some miracle dream about the same things as you do.


It is really bad  to see you in a bad edition

Even long time ago, Marilyn Monroe has outlined a very clever phrase: “If a man can’t handle your worst edition, then he definitely doesn’t deserve the best.” And we agree with her completely!

Everything in life is easier if You believe in love. You can always find inspiration in it.

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