Don’t play with fire

These are the most jealous zodiac signs

People whose jealousy, by virtue of star status, at the time of their birth, most distressing are:


  • This fact is not surprising, because they are in most cases extremely possessive lovers. Scorpios are, in fact, the best example of extremely jealous scenes in the public. They simply can’t control this feeling and when they figure out that their partner could be unfaithful, they are losing control over themselves and don’t think about the consequences. So, it’s not just about harmless jealousy, but about the war game of passion, excitement, spooks, and jealousy scenes. The same, jealousy sometimes also serves as an aphrodisiac; because they feel an incredible attraction to the person they are with, when they think someone stands between them. Scorpios, as a rule, are so theatrical that they often make a scene like those in Tarantino’s films. Mostly even more extreme.


  • When we talk about bulls, they are too protective and connected with that, jealous with the primes of possessiveness. You will admire – a very powerful and dangerous cocktail to play with. Bulls are really often considering things and people like they belong to them, and they hardly accept the fact that something  isn’t or may not be theirs. In few seconds they are overwhelmed with jealousy when they thought someone had watched  something that was “theirs.” All attempts to prove a bull that he is wrong are worthless, as long as  he has his own beliefs and is affected with jealous. On the other hand, bulls are extremely faithful because they do not allow anyone to look or touch theirs, and they don’t touch or look at what is someone else’s. They play without flirting – just fair play.


  • Lions, kings of animals. They transfer that characteristic to humanity as well. They are very proud of themselves and everything they do, and so on the love relationship they build. Their overly accentuated ego does not allow them to be wounded, so lions sometimes obsessively seek for evidence of cheating and lies by their partners. If a lion thinks that you lie or cheat, he will never forgive him (because he didn’t know earlier), and then to you. In the lion’s mind, everything revolves around the question of honor, which he considers the most important. Although sometimes lions behave very tactless, in most cases lion would lurk from background suppressing the jealousy.


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